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          Focus on the field of micro powder grinding !

          Limestone pulverizer in Thailand

          Raw Material:limestone


          Feeding Size:15mm

          Product Size:300mesh

          Country of Client:Thailand


          This friend from Thailand need to produce 300mesh limestone powder, we recommend him YGM Raymond mill(80-325mesh). At the beginning, he doesn't know the type of machine,he told us he need limestone grinding machine, after we knowing his requirements of finished product size, capacity, we recommend him Raymond Mill. This is a machine with ertical structure, so it has small footprint, strong system. It meets fully his requirement of small footprint. Besides, Raymond mill has other features like it has high passing rate - 99%, which is generally not available for other grinding equipments and so on.


          Limestone pulverizer

          But Raymond Mill can deal with other materials like calcium carbonate, barite, dolomite, calcite, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, marble, gypsum, quartz, feldspar, clay, talc, fluorite, clay, white mud, mica, refractory material, glass, total about 1000 kinds of materials. It is suitable for grinding of all kinds of materials whose Moh’s hardness is below 9.3. If you need it, please contact us now.
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