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          Focus on the field of micro powder grinding !

          Raymond mill price in India

          Raw Material:gravel


          Feeding Size:5-8mm

          Product Size:80mesh

          Country of Client:India


          We usually have indian customers coming to visit our factory. Why? Beacuse 50% of our cuatomers are indian. Look this picture, this customer's Raymond grinding mill site is so great, i think it will bring him great benefit. What? you also want great benefit? let me tell you more about the source of great benefit-Raymond Mill.

          Raymond Mill is commonly used as 80-325mesh powder making machine in mining, construbtion, and chemistry engineering. Its biggest advantage is low consumption.
          Raymond mill price
          What is Raymond Mill Price in India?
          Raymond Mill is heavy machine, so its price is more than 1million INR. About details, you can leave me meaasge to get, and maybe we will Give you a discount!!
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